Let's meet at Bauma,Munich!

With proud we can confirm our presence at Bauma,Munich,.We will wait for you at Hall FN 928/1 from 11-17 April


CPS will introduce in this event a world premiere of three new models of industrial cranes.


Model 1150

The model 1150 (110 tm),belonging to the range Top Range, full of stardard technological features as integral base

This model is available up to 9 hydraulic extensions, with the first two cylinders in the left part of the secondary boom, and the opposite to the other cylinders of boom extension, to give a perfect stability.Rotation is on fifth wheel with double gearmotor rotation, negative angle arms, double linkage, proportional distributor and radiocomado standard, regenerative plant in extensions .In addition using UHSS steels (ultra high-strength),with very little weight we have the benefit of increased payload of the vehicle.

Model 200

The model 200 (20 tm), model belonging to the Essential range, designed for the global market with high performance, and a particularly interesting tare, through the use of UHSS steels. The 200 is available up to 5 hydraulic extensions, has the base with the balancer, large hexagonal arms for more stability to bending, and unique feature of this model has a width of just 2.30 m, in the version with 4 extension

Model 108

The model 108 (10 tm), another model belonging to the Essential range, this also for the global market, particularly compact with rear cabin space requirements of only 74 cm in the version with 4 extension, height of only 2.10 m width of only 2 , 32 m. It has high performance 6.7% more 'than the previous model, and a lower tare weight of 15.4% thanks to the use of steel UHSS

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Looking forward to meet you!